Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Bamacross is storming Cooter Pond this weekend!!! I couldn't be more excited, maybe just to say that I've been to Cooters Pond. Dave and the ICS-Chain Reaction crew will no doubt have a top notch set up for all you crossniacs to get yer fix on. MAXXIS has supplied them with megaswag to get you all orange. Now, if some of you could get together and buy me one of THESE,Bamacross will be around for at least 4 more years while I wait on it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

results from tuscaloosa

Here's the short list while I tally series standings:

Masters 35+
1 will hibberts
2 everette herring
3 scott staubach
4 david hiott
5 wael amara
6 patrick wigley
7 edward duke
8 david todd
9 curtis cupp
10 terry phillips

Masters 45+
1 jim brock
2 hardwick gregg
3 bill st. john
4 fred smith
5 john mcgeel
6 john dorminey

1 logan haskew
2 justin bynum
3 austin oliver
4 trevor west
5 will faulk
6 cary steele
7 hunter headley
8 campbell holley
9 zach roberts

men 4
1 harri haikala
2 geoff leonard
3 matt holdbrooks
4 hugh smith
5 f brockson
6 j payne
7 scott pierson
8 g kitchen
9 billy faulk
10 k west
11 mike miller
12 ?? ss mtb e-mail me!bib#219
13 carl viars
14 k sanders
15 daniel rumbarger
16 ray fernandez
17 tim haskew
18 c meyer

women 1/2/3
1 maaike everts
2 lisa geyer

women 4
1 Alex miller
2 sally gonder
3 jane gillespie

men 3/4
1 everette herring
2 david mcneal
3 mark simpson
4 jonathan robbins
5 phillip thompson
6 marcus campbell
7 hardwick gregg
8 m enervold
9 chris boothe
10 ?? nice... e-mail me bib #433
11 jacob tubbs
12 larry stanley
13 j dorminey
14 bart davidson
15 patrick wigley
16 brent marshall

men 1/2/3
1 mike hurley
2 jim brock
3 will fyfe
4 brandon curtis
5 matt johnson
6 david mcneal

Monday, October 29, 2007

velocity rocks

The folks in Tuscaloosa put on another quality event bookending the year. Tour de Tuscaloosa was a well run quality event with beauty weather to start the year and the cx event yesterday was a mirror image - nice job. There were a few snags as usual, but nothing that couldn't be overcome. There are very few people out there with the guts to stick their neck out and host one of the events that make up our little subculture, make sure to say thanks to the people who do.

There was some intense action on tap on the smokin fast course yesterday. ERA Oxford realty put on a clinic with Will Hibberts taking the 35+, Jim Brock taking the 45+ and Mike Hurley dominating the 1,2,3 race. Brandon Curtis was rumored to have put in an impressive move in the 1,2,3 just before his r. der. exploded into a million pieces, he may be one to watch with the big dogs next week. BBC ran a clinic of their own with Everette Herring grabbing 2nd in the 35+ race after an untimely r. flat and then winning the 3/4 race. Maaike Everts shows the women her dutch heritage by winning the 1,2,3 race. Local boy Logan Haskew gets r dun for the t'town crowd in the juniors race and finally Harry Haikala tops a huge 4 field.

Thanks to all who volunteered and raced. Stay tuned, I will upload the series standing spreadsheet shortly. If you have pics, email them to me at marshallbrent at gmail dot com

Thursday, October 25, 2007

munny sokol

it's time for cyclocross to invade munny sokol park in t'town for the first time eva! this is a park that is near and dear to me ol' heart as i helped build and maintain the singletrack during my learnin days down south. many a classic mountain bike party/race was held here as the black warrior challenge (miss it). if you're thinking of camping, there's none better in bama than lake lurleen state park-the weather will be perfect, that's where me and mine will lay our heads sat night fer sure. dollar primes will be in full effect!

Friday, October 19, 2007

cross in a nutshell


“The greater the suffering, the greater the pleasure. That is nature’s payback to riders for the homage they pay her by suffering. Velvet pillows, safari parks, sunglasses; people have become woolly mice. They still have bodies that can walk for five days and four nights through a desert of snow, without food, but they accept praise for having taken a one-hour bicycle ride. ‘Good for you’. Instead of expressing their gratitude for the rain by getting wet, people walk around with umbrellas. Nature is an old lady with few friends these days, and those who wish to make use of her charms, she rewards passionately.”


Thursday, October 11, 2007

out of town

the nashville series kicks off this weekend with a double header.this is a cool series with exceptional course designs to test the riders. ga cross starts next weekend as well. these races should keep all you cx addicts in check until the next bamacross event in t'town!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


in an attempt to please the results seekers and my boss all at the same time...please view scans of the results sheets until thursday when my workload decreases about 1%. click em and print em.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


nice turnout and big props to everette herring and the BBC crew for a great event. it was brung today.
bamacross #1 west homewood 090

Thursday, October 04, 2007

west oxmoor

check the flyer again in case you've printed a previous version, a few changes were made.

based on j-rod's performance at saturday's practice... the a's need be skeerd.

Monday, October 01, 2007

a couple of clarifications

1. ALABAMA juniors race for free. we failed to clarify on some of the flyers.
2.A category payout for the individual races will be derived using the same formula as last year- $7 from all entry fees will be used for the payout bank. The bank will be split in half to provide a mens and womens payout. A payout is 5 deep as follows:40%,30%,15%,10%,5%.
A racers: the more of your non-A race buddies you bring...

I will post the full series rules and regulations close enough to race time that you won't have time to complain.