Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stevil is back

In case you've been walking around bumping into walls since HTATBL has been inactive...he's back and teaching us how to avoid it once again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



I haven't heard from any of you regarding the race duration of the W4's race. The options are:

Continue to race with the W1/2/3 for :45 and score separate or

Race with the M4/jrs for :30

Please, ONLY the ladies comment on this.

There will be leader's jerseys this year...they will be pink mwahahahaha.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cx practice

I've been getting quite a few e-mails from peeps wondering where cx practices are. I'll start hitting avondale park on Thursday nights at 6pm starting in September. I've been doing 5-6 hr rides on Saturdays for the past month, which is so much fun on the cx bike.

You should be practicing skills on your cx bike as well. Everyone has a space close to the house for this. Schools, office parks, parks, etc...not many of these have no bike policies, therefore you don't need permission. Just start ripping any and everything you can. I love that look you get from people when you go ripping through the park,dismount and bust a run up followed with a sweet flying mount. wtf?

No park in the state should be spared the ripping of the redneck crossniacs.

If you want to let people know where you'll be ripping, just post it in the comments.

Monday, August 24, 2009

back in the day

Cup sent me this video, which is full of black and white awesomeness. This made me think, the next time someone complains about a course not being proper cyclocross... did they seriously ride down a flight of stairs?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

nice preview

Find more videos like this on Cyclocross Magazine

Team Competition

I had a request a few months ago to split the team competition into gender specific categories. This seems like a good idea as not many teams are represented on both sides equally. So, 2009 will have 2 divisions for the team prize, Men's and Women's...may the battle be fierce.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who loves BAMACROSS? VASSAGO does!

Up for raffle this season- The fisti! if you own one bike...why not own the swiss army knife of bikes? $2 raffle 'til the last race. Wouldn't it be the best gift old santa could sleigh?

Vassago Fisticuff Cyclo-Cross frame and Fork set
Think of it as a trail capable 'cross frame with a ton of options and attitude. Like the Jabberwocky, the design began as a custom frame created because we couldn't find anything out there that fit Vassago's needs as a singletrack luvin', aggressive commutin', rack capable, bunny hopable singlespeed roadie with brake and gear options....whew.
RACE IT Throw on a light 'cross wheelset, a fully geared drive train, some cantilever brakes, and you will be enjoying the comfort of steel and hop-happy geometry all cyclocross season.
HAMMER IT With the super stiff "FistyFork", some strong mountain hubs (135mm), meaty 45c tires, and disc brakes you will amaze your friends and co-workers as you carve any "mountain bike" singletrack and drop rocks with the greatest of ease on your "crossbike."
FIX IT Bolt on some 130mm road wheels with a track cog, lose the brakes and risk your moxy arse in the name of hardcore cycling culture.
COMMUTE IT The semi-relaxed road position and slack HT makes the Fisticuff perfect for long distance urban rides while offering the comfort of steel and the option of bolt-on racks.
Available as a frameset in Snickers Brown. Reynolds 520 Chromoly tubeset, Laser cut horizontal dropouts with integrated derailuer hanger, Disc brake ready, Removable V-brake posts, Hydro-style cable guides, Bolt-on rack mounts, Clearance for 45c tires, Portion of proceeds donated to IMBA to fight trail closures Vassago's Fisticuff Website Geometry

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm starting to feel it in the air, are you?

Fall, my favorite time of year. There is something in the's that feeling you get on a blue bell fall weekend day in the south. This is just one of those windows in this part of the country when the weather is perfect to enjoy being outside. The feeling of an SEC Saturday, Fishing on the lake, or setting up a cross course are all things that fill my mind this time of year on a Saturday.

Another contributing factor to this...atmosphere that surrounds cross season is the fact that it parallels holiday season. I mean who doesn't love this time of year? Halloween brings themed races, Thanksgiving brings the need to burn extra calories and the season finale takes place as everyone has switched into Christmas mode.

Maybe the perfect weather has something to do with why we love cross so much. At first glance it seemed as if the cross season was just tucked into the leftover calender dates of the cycling season. But, it is clear now that in the south cross inherited the perfect section of calender. Really, who wants to race their bike in July or August on asphalt so hot it's melting...or in the woods when it's hot even in the shade? No, for me bike racing should be reserved for spring and fall in the south...that's why I love cross season.

In case you didn't notice...I love