Monday, October 26, 2009


Printing up a few, like 12. If'n you want one, say sumthin'.


Bamacross stays south once again for the Velocity Procycle "Spooktacular" CX race. The POS race is becoming kind of stagnate with no clear front runner. Major points may be awarded this weekend for those willing to bring the costume out. Right now, cutoff blue jeans and high socks are making a push...I'm thinking a speedo could be the slam dunk.

T-Town always brings it so you better be ready. Expect a FAST course with rowdy spectators.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling all Bamacross Racers

Ladies, Gentleman and the like, this is Christian Leask, your faithful web monkey writing you. Many of you know me and a whole lot more don't. If we've never had the honor of racing together, well, then I'm the guy behind this we b page. I've got a big favor to ask all of you.

As a member of the Pacesetter Steel Service cycling team, we do our best to give back, and over the years, we have finally come to an organization that we support continually and we are right at the ends of our fund drive.

The organization is an exceptional place, called Camp Twin Lakes. Together, we help organize the annual Spin For the Kids charity ride, which after four years, is becoming quite the destination ride. In years past, we've had professional cyclists from all over the country, major magazines, Tour de France racers and press and business owners from the Atlanta area and afar really come out and support the ride. Last year alone, one member was able to raise over $100,000 dollars, if you can imagine that.

It's an exceptional organization in that the main goal is to provide children with certain illnesses or disabilities the right and ability to enjoy some of the classic childhood activities that we all take for granted. Without organizations like this, thousands of children would never have to the opportunity to simply cast a fishing line from a canoe, or go for a hike in the woods without being embarrassed or made fun of. It's an amazing organization that has entirely humbled me; as it has opened my eyes to some of the amazing realities that some are forced to live with. And I won't even mention the emotion when you see one of these perfectly lucid little fellas wear it so so so bravely.

If you have the time, please take a minute to donate before this coming Friday. Whether it is $1, $10, $100 or whatever you can spare, I assure you that it will be greatly appreciated and going to a wonderful, simple and attainable cause. I know how easy these messages are to pass up, but I ask of you. If you could just think of how much your lunch cost you today, and donate half of that, that would still be absolutely and completely appreciated. Please, do not glance over this one.

Thanks for your time and consideration. For your convenience, you may donate directly by clicking the following link, which of course, is a completely safe and secure web page.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Camp Twin Lakes is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Brent himself has already donated 100.00 to the cause, so let's at least show him up!!!

Best, Christian

Results are up

Sorry everyone, I've been ruminating my navel for a few days. Brent had to drive over here and pull the empty bottle from my cold cold hands.

Results are up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Results are done and should be posted when we can find the dumpster Christian is sleeping in

O.K., I may need some help here. This has happened before...I need the BAMACROSS legion to join together and do the stanky leg. It has been rumored that multiple enactments of this dance will bring Christian Leask out of his hidey hole no matter what. Channel him out with the stank...instructions attached.

...Until then, here are some pics I stole from Shawn Carroll's facebook page...that is o.k., right? You can also hit flickr and search bamacross for some great shots.

Monday, October 19, 2009

George Ward recovery

I plan on going back to George Ward park tomorrow afternoon at 5:15 to roll, tamp, seed and straw the areas below and beside the tennis courts. If you are available, come on out with your gloves.

Spanish moss and kudzu

photo credit: Ed Whitehorn
Cooter's pond was beautiful yesterday. A great course and some hot racing. Series standings should be up tomorrow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Addendum #1

Strike the wording "Double points will be awarded at the Cullman series finale" and replace with - There is a "drop" race in the final series tally. This means that you will get to drop your lowest score at the end of the series prior to calculating your final overall score.

This worked out well last year as it allows you to miss a race or absorb a race ending mishap without dooming your overall placing.

You did remember to keep that muddy number, right? If you were issued a double digit number last week, I want to replace your number this week with a 1500 series to make scoring easier on the officials. I ordered 100 numbers in the 1000 series and we ran out causing us to issue some of last years double digit leftovers, doh.

Prattville should be a blast this weekend as it is a great course and venue.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



David McNeal
Scott Staubach
Jeff Welp
Peter Dudle
Patrick Harkins
Travis Neumuller
Will Hibberts
Larry Stanley
Patrick Wigley
Ben Chuang
David Todd


Jim Brock
Randy Kerr
Hardwick Gregg
Greg Casteel
Wendell Riley
Matt Holdbrooks
John/Jeff Dorminey
Mike Herring
Carmine Dibiase
Hugh Smith
Mitch Moses
Jonathan Payne
Lee Kingrey


Will Faulk
Trevor West
Landon Wright (Cartwright?)
Campbell Holley
Ethan Smith

Mens 4

Andrew Boyd
Clayton Plummer
Sam Porter
Lee Neal
Zach Davis
Anson Keller
Josh Powell
Matthew Burks
Shawn Carroll
Billy Faulk
Keith Knight
Jimmy Hall
Daniel Keys
Tim Haskew
Karl Heine
Eric Glidewell
Doug Goodwell
George Drake
Alex Cell
John Pugh
Brian Kelley
David Sanders
Michael Garner
John Benefield
Robert Maharrey
Eric Wright
Shawn Roberts
Travis Lewis
Jonathan Payne
Carl Viars
Dave Crain
Mitch Moses
Lee Kingrey
Todd Rosser
Chris Branham
Michael Cork
Tim Meredith
Ben Chuang
Jason Condon
Jon Tubbs

Womens 4

Lisa Trainor
Deanna Steele
Melissa Woods
Leslie Burleigh
Les Whatley
Diedra Fortenberry
Beverly West

Womens 1/2/3

Jenny McDonagh
Lila Bowers
Beth Santoro
Maaike Everts
Trish Albert

Mens 1/2/3

Troy Tucker
Will Fyfe
David McNeal
David Lansden
Mike Hurley
Scott Staubach
Everette Herring
Riley Spahn
Patrick Harkins
Lennie Moon
Eric White
JD Vibert
Phillip Thompson
Jonathan Robbins
Matt Holdbrooks

Mens 3/4 (Give me a minute to put names with numbers)

Steven Benson
Mike Lackey
Matthew Shaffer
1078 James Tudor
1015 Randy Kerr
1000 Greg Casteel
1073 Mark Simpson
1087 Jim Hamner
1001 Travis Neumuller
1080 Paul Drews
1084 Eric Thomas
1076 Charle Savage
1075 Trent Paulk
1063 Brian Bilich
38 Mike Enervold
1074 Blake Gill (officials note:see me)
1013 Larry Stanley
1068 Bill Andrews
1085 George Mattison
42 Pat Allison (officials note:see me)
1061 Geoff Leonard
1083 Chris Leven
1021 David Todd
39 Jacob Tubbs
36 Robert Brunson
1088 Bart Davidson
1022 Patrick Wigley
1064 Josh Gamble
25 Jason Condon
1070 Curtis Cupp
1007 Mike Herring
1067 Max Diaz
41 Phillip Thompson/Katherine Sims - Tandem #1 - Rock Stars

Turf Trauma

I will need some hands this week to repair the turf at George Ward Park. We seeded and strawed the heavily impacted areas on Sunday and we will need to return and hit it again. Once it becomes a little tacky, maybe Thursday, I would like to go back out and roll it with my turf roller and seed and straw again. If you can help please stay tuned and I will post. We are catching some serious heat from the "Friends of George Ward Park" and Councillor Valerie Abbott. I have spoken and met with Parks and Recreation on this matter and I feel like we can resolve any potential conflict with proper and responsible action. Please do not ride the course anymore as we need to keep the water collecting ruts to a minimum.

If you will, you can contact councillor Abbott and let her know what a great venue George Ward Park is and that we are not a bunch of irresponsible hooligans...for the most part.

I will post an informal list of results up in just a bit. These will just be written on a post and not on the official spreadsheet. The official spreadsheet will be up later this week.

Black Sheep

Here's the thing that brings a smile to my face-

136 racers on Sunday
102 from ALABAMA!
3 from Florida
6 from Georgia
4 from Tennessee

Only one year ago we would have needed a strong attendance from outside Alabama to have over 75 racers...I think someone got the memo.

This thing started only 3 years ago with 35 people showing up at a horse farm in Leeds to race around on some power line trails...136 people...

I remember Troy Tucker showing up at that race and dominating with clearly refined skills. After the race I asked him what he thought and he said " this is almost exactly how Cross Crusade got it's start ". I remember those words and who else would be appropriate to show up at the first race of our 4th year and dominate once again?

This weekend is the race that everyone loves to say, Cooter's Pond. Cooter will be the State Championship race this year which is a bragging right like no other. No one will be able to take that away from you me, I know. I was Alabama State Champion way back in 2000 and I never let my wife forget it. Of course, it was not a very well advertised race and there were probably 5 people in our race and I did get a Louisiana coonas... but, those are minor details.

I should have the results off to the smart people this afternoon, which means that the may or may not be posted tomorrow.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

iggy crush, it matters

War At The Ward from Velo Ghosts on Vimeo.

That's no sissy Portland mud, That's fine Alabama red clay...Oxi Magic has met it's match. Me tired. More for you to chew on later. I stole the picture of Brian at the bike wash and Mark on course from facebook...lots on there. Big props to BLR (Bike Link Racing) and especially Ben Chuang for all the planning and hard work.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Three piece suit, spandex pants, cowboy boots

Here we are, hours before the kickoff of the '09 Bamacross I ready? are you ready? I'm psyched at the prospect of new people getting involved this year. We had a couple of new women at practice last night along with many new faces that have been riding the course the past couple of weeks. That's what keeps the ball rolling for this thing - the new faces - the person showing up on their beater mtn bike or rigged up road bike - the mud on their teeth as they smile after their first race - the realization that they have discovered something because of our efforts...that is the charger for the Bamacross battery.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, a few quick notes -

The race number you are issued at the first race is your number for the ENTIRE SERIES. Do not throw it away. Stuff it in your race bag so you have it at the next race. Keeping the same number throughout the series helps the organizers and scoring a ton. If you forget or lose your number, a replacement can be purchased for $5. Please let registration know you are purchasing a new number as replacement or your scores for the series will be wonky.

The leaders jerseys will be issued at the podium at George Ward. When the race is over and podium activities have concluded, you must turn the jersey back in at registration. The jerseys will be re-issued at each race. The series winner will take the jersey home for good, duh.

The team competition will be hotly contested as usual. Make sure to list your team name on your release form so we can properly issue points. It is important that you and your team get together an make sure that you are all writing in the same team name and not confusing the wording.

It's gonna be wet and muddy and muddy and muddy, bring a clean kit for the podium. Podiums will be taking place approx. 45 min after the conclusion of your race.

Come get some.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wednesday Practice

George Ward Park Big Pkg lot 5:15

Friday, October 02, 2009

George Ward Park

Saturday afternoon 3 PM working on course and course preview.