Saturday, December 12, 2009


POS Winner - Tim Haskew
Raffle Winner - Official Jim

Thanks again to Vassago Bicycle Company for stepping up for the rednecks this year.
Now if someone could do a nice write up complete with pictures and pie charts and such for the sponsors...that would be great.

Image by Alan Barton


beaker said...

For those of us who couldn't make it to Cullman, don't forget to share the winners of the most important awards- Those Fabulous Fisticuffs. The POS award- one award to rule them all.

brent said...

The spreadsheet does not like you Steven Benson...302 is where you should have finished, in the same position though.

Average Jim said...

Results do not matter.
It takes creativity to come up with an epic excuse.

Stephen said...

In the past three years Bamacross has held seven events per year. Average number of entries per event has risen from 78.0 to 83.4 to 100.4 during these three years. The most at any single event was 129 at George Ward this year.

Put that in your pie chart and smoke it!

ALgoat said...

good luck at snake TT

rlbrunso said...

Anybody racing cross-a-nooga this weekend? twas fun last year. I'm thinkin about goin up there and racin I. Some real cx weather. Brang it!

Alex said...

I would be glad to make pie charts. What kind of data do you want to show? growth in male and female competitors? bubble chart of locations and # of racers at each? We don't have a way to quantify the non-racing attendees, do we?