Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Almost in the books

Don't forget that final points calculation will "drop" your lowest score. I get the impression that some folks think they have a lock after Montgomery...better do the math and think about scenarios...

I'd like to give a big thanks to Jon Tubbs for helping make the wheels go round this season. Jon contacted me before the season began with sort of a sketchy angle regarding soft goods and screen printing. I thought for sure I was just being angled to buy stuff from him. We met for lunch at the Bottletree one day and he basically laid out a nice proposal and it was clear that his intentions were simply to help the series raise funds on a year where funds were extremely hard to raise. Jon's contribution certainly made things happen this year and we should all give him thanks. This is his last week in the 'ham as he has accepted a position with VANS in Los Angeles. We can all show thanks by supporting another event that Jon is helping put the wheels on:

Thursday Dec 3, 2009 8:00 PM

To raise funds for a local skate park, Faith Skate Supply is hosting their three-part holiday party here at Bottletree.

From 7-9pm all ages are welcome to the "Strange World" Video Premiere followed by a functional art auction featuring skate decks and shoes modified by local artist to include: David Wright, Nick Restly, Shane Boteler, Chad Soner, Tom Bagby, Jacob Schwartz, Brianna Payne, Tim Spinosi, Byron Sonnier, John Lytle Wilson, Jason Agan, and Usen Gandara.

From 9pm until we'll have The Disguised, Arclight and Skeptic?

Before the show it's $5 on admissions. After 9pm it's $7.

I believe the first band (The Disguised)is Jon's band, this is their first and only? show.

Be There.

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Wig said...

Brent - good lookin out for the sk8 park cause that Faith is hosting. If anyone reading this is supportive of a sk8 park being rebuilt in Birmingham please donate whatever money you can. The skaters led by Peter and the Faith guys are having to raise money to build this park?
I need to get with Jon if he's going to work for Vans. I want to be a dealer for Vans.
See yall in Cullman!