Friday, December 04, 2009


mmmm...crispy chitts after racing.
Cullman boys are providing and firing charcoal in a bunch of the park grills on Sunday. Bring something to throw on them thangs. I'm bringing some pork tongue and chitterlings if'n y'all want some.


megabeth said...

I might borry one of them grills to melt some velveeta for my pork rinds. Mmm hmmm.

Average Jim said...

Jesus Brent, I've been cutting into cats and sheep brains without flinching all semester and I'm still slightly disturbed by that picture.

Should we have truck stop hats for series prizes again?

Trent said...

Looks more like pig guts...doh!

Alex said...

I haven't seen chitlins in a loooonnng time. i did however eat a tongue taco last week. not bad.