Friday, November 13, 2009

If Chuck Norris was going to be in Anniston Saturday he would drink his stuff in a red solo cup

...Just Sayin', because Chuck would respect the fact that it's a public park and stuff. Get there early enough to set up camp along the sandpit/finish straight as tent positioning battles will be fierce. The concession stand will be open and serving your typical baseball/softball concession stand fare. I believe there is still an after party planned at the Mellow Mushroom, is this right Wig? If you have never been to the Mellow Mushroom in Anniston you will be shocked at the cycling memorabilia on display, go there-often.

I have received 4-5 e-mails regarding the scoresheet, mostly team affiliation and points totalling. I think it was just a sorting error in the spreadsheet combined with some missing team info. I will keep the lifeline open through this afternoon so we only have to wake Christian from hibernation one time.

Rumor has it that I will be coming out of retirement and squeezing into my baby blue weenie suit for some competition. Just afford me a wide berth and all should be well, assuming I don't explode.

If you don't have a cowbell, bring a pot or something loud to bang on - it's Alabama after all.


BF said...

that red cup idea, or a water bottle, will be favored in Cullman as well. Thankfully, the park is closed to the general public on race day, but it is a dry county.

rlbrunso said...

in other words, Good People ain't coming to Cullman?

Wig said...

solo cups and water bottles strongly encouraged. After party at mellow mushroom a must. Course is spectacular. Dollar bills a plenty. Plenty of hotel rooms if you can't drive. Good racing good stories. Bring it!